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Re: Rorippa aquatic oddity

Hello, I just wanted to share an odd occurrence that has happened 
with my Rorippa aquatic to see if anyone else is familiar with this 
development.  Several months ago I purchase a emersed grown R. 
aquatic and placed in in a planted tank, submerged.  It went 
through the evolution from emergent leaves to submerged leaves.  
After that was done I found an intact leaf floating in the tank that 
had a couple short, tiny white strands coming out of the base of 
the leaf stem.  I decided to stick the leaf in the ground on a chance 
that the strands might be roots.  Sure enough a new plant 
	Now the odd part, instead of developing into a rosette type 
plant like a sword, it has grown as a stem plant.  It looks incredibly 
strange.  The stem is very slender and the leaves are regular 
shaped submergent  leaves coming out alternately up the stem 
with a fairly large distance between each leaf.  The plant is about 6 
inches  tall now.  
	Anyone have any comments or ideas on this phenomenon?