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Re: Modular substrate

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:53:22 -0700 Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

>These pots can be cut at angles or down low for the foreground and come up
>high to 5 inches (or higher set on the gravel) in the back giving a nice
>maintainable slope.

Are these plastic pots? I have several clay pots and want to know how 
to cut them. The tiny pots at the craft store don't leave a lot of 
room for substrate and roots, while the bigger ones are 3-4 inches 
tall (and I don't want a substrate that deep). I have also picked up 
some plastic trays, about 1.5 inches deep, to use for those plants 
that generally use their roots to hold them down rather than really 
absorbing a lot of nutrients.

In fact, I've been considering using no substrate in the tank at all 
(or maybe just a thin one to hide the mulm a bit) and keeping all my 
rooted plants in pots. I know I'd have to vacuum the rest of the 
substrate, but keeping my plants in pots would make it so much easier 
to catch my rapidly reproducing platies, since I could just remove 
all the plants to a bucket beforehand. Does anyone have a tank like I 
just described, and maybe some pictures I could see online?

Feedback, anyone?
Thanks -