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Re: pictures of snails -> K deficiency

>     ...eating the leaves, they seem to restrict themselves to decaying ones.
>     noticed holes in my Nomaphila corymbosa 'compacta' plants, and was
>     surprised since my ramshorn snails never did this to any of my other
>     plants. Soon after, these leaves began to yellow, while the newest,
>     healthiest leaves were being left alone.
>     This actually sounds like a deficiency, maybe Potassium.

Yes, I believe it is. I had to remove all of the N. corymbosa, anyway, 
since it turned out to be much to large for my tiny tanks, but I'm quite 
sure that this same deficiency is causing my E. parviflorus 'Tropica' to 
turn yellow in the leaves. Until now, it's only affected the older foliage, 
but recently, the tips of *all* the leaves have been getting spotty. Even 
my H. micranthemoides are looking scraggly, and the lower leaves of my 
Lobelia cardinalis get yellow and mush away.

I guess it's time to commence my quest for potassium sulfate... :-)