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Re: pictures of snails

Here's my favorite snail site.

I suggest you check Physa or Limnaea, which are varieties of the "common" 
pond snail; ramshorns are under Planorbes. Malaysian trumpet snails are M. 
tuberculata. They have pretty nice shots of all the snails. If your snails 
happened to get introduced with plants, I'd say your possibilities are 
limited to these four. None will hurt your plants; if they appear to be 
eating the leaves, they seem to restrict themselves to decaying ones. I 
noticed holes in my Nomaphila corymbosa 'compacta' plants, and was 
surprised since my ramshorn snails never did this to any of my other 
plants. Soon after, these leaves began to yellow, while the newest, 
healthiest leaves were being left alone. I suspect the snails can detect 
the beginnings of leaf decay before it's visible to the human eye, and 
start "work" on it before it has a chance to foul up the water. I granted 
them a full pardon ;-).