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Travis wrote: 
Let me know how your new search for daphnia goes. If
it fails let me know, I have a stand of water outback
teaming with daphnia.

Will do, Travis. :)

I started by scooping them into a shallow white
porcelain pan and sucked them up one by one with a
syringe. Took awhile, but I was happy just finding

That what I was trying, too, without much success.  A
slow, tedious, and not very productive process.

Instead of collecting maybe 30 to 50 in half and hour
I was getting a 1,000+ in a couple minutes.

That's more like it!  I wish I could find a stand of
water like yours.

...my test to clear green water with them failed.

Well darn!  That was one thing I wanted to try.  We
may try it anyway; it'll be an easy and interesting
project for the kids [she says piously, acting as if
this is all for their benefit] 

Do you know what I learned though? Snail like daphnia.

Thanks for the warning, lol!  I can see myself
decimating my daphnia culture with a few 'harmless'

I might try it again. My wife got tired of mason jars
of green water, and what she thought looked like
fleas, sitting on the kitchen window sill.

Huh!  Why are some people like that? ;)  My husband is
always complaining that there are more science
experiments in our kitchen than edibles.  Geez,
doesn't everybody keep bowls of stinky pond water on
the kitchen counter and green water on the window
sills?  Isn't a microscope a normal piece of kitchen
equipment?  <vbg>


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