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Re: 3 WPG Family Sedan

Rachel wrote:

Is it possible to have 3 WPG without having it be a race car?

My husband has a 10G tank with 15W of light. Happily growing several
different crypts, anubias, java fern (windelov), sunset hygro, ludwigia
peruensis (or whatever it is). Purple cabomba is growing slowly with

He would like to add another 15W fixture to be able to grow some
light-loving foreground plants - glosso, lileaopis, dwarf lobelia. But
he is
concerned that if he ups the lighting he will get into the algae wars
have a racecar - things grow fast but the crash is ugly.


15 watt lamps put out so little light per watt that this would not be a
high light set up. I wouldn't worry about it. Definately not a racecar.