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Re: 3wpg family sedan

Hey Gang,

Rachel S. wrote, in part:
>>He would like to add another 15W fixture to be able
to grow some light-loving foreground plants - glosso,
lileaopis, dwarf lobelia. But he is concerned that if
he ups the lighting he will get into the algae wars<<

Nah....Just do your water changes, and be prepared to
change your fert regimen with more demanding plants.
That's all. BTW....Riccia grows great under this light
intensity. Not too fast.
>>and have a racecar - things grow fast but the crash
is ugly<< 

This is definately not a sports car setup....It's sort
of like a Pick-up truck. Powerful, but dependable, and
handles predictably;) He'll need to add CO2, though,
if he's not already.

The 10 gallon tank with 2x15w NO fluorescent strips is
my favorite. It's totally manageable and there isn't
much that won't grow in this set-up.  DIY CO2 is also
very manageable at this light intensity. I say go for
it...He can always take it off if it gets too much. I
think he'll appreciate being able to see his fish and
plants better.

IM(very)HO....This is a great setup, with regards to
lighting, for beginners. 

Best of luck,
John Wheeler

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