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Re: tossing in the towel

> 55 gal tall
> fish loading            have 4 tetras, 2 gouramis, 1 angel, 4 ottos, 5 algae
> eaters and 2 yoyo loaches
> water change        every week 50%. i do notice alot of demitrus from fish
> CO2 injection       with Tom Barrs Ber2
> lights-                 151 watts   Photo period was at 14 hrs to 12 to 10
> now just changed to 9hour/day. It in a fairly dark corner.
> uv light sterilizer -   Ive tried constant running and only when change
> water....no difference
> hot magnum filter-  I was told to take charcoal out and substitute small
> gravel instead. No difference with or without charcoal
> could the hot magnum not be turning water over enough?

Yes that's fine for the tank.

> PH-                 6.5 in a.m to 7.0 in p.m
> temp-               82 deg
> kh-                 3.5 to 4.0

> phoshate-           0.0 Is there different types of tests that test organic
> vs inorganic. (or does it matter)

Yes and yes. Plants use inorganic. Many test measure total.

> I was told that I should have at least some
> in water (i've tested tap and                   aquarium) Im using a seatest
> ammonia         0.0
> Nitrite             0.0
> Nitrate             10-20ppm. With no fertilization
> FE                  unknown
> Potassium           unknown
> As far as fertilization goes I've experimented alot.  I have always added a
> 10 drops of a PMDD (CSM plus epsom salts).

I add the same CSM 2 table spoons in 500mls of water and add 5mls to a
healthy 25 gallon tank 3 x a week. You might need 10mls 2x a week.

> What am I missing here.  Im about ready to through in towel. But invested so
> much time an $ I really hate too. Plus the comments when it is clean make me
> want to keep. 

PO4 additions would help, more traces would also.
Try to keep the NO3 low(er).
CO2 seems to be in the right range.
I might be up your way in the next few days(Fri or Sat).
Tom Barr