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RE: disgusted with persistant algae

Others will probably be able to tell you more, but here are my observations
based on my experience with the same problem:

>55 gal tall
>fish loading            have 4 tetras, 2 gouramis, 1 angel, 4 ottos, 5
>eaters and 2 yoyo loaches


>water change        every week 50%. i do notice alot of demitrus from fish

That seems high.  I do about 20% every 2 weeks.  I'd worry a little about
stress on the fish due to dramatic chemistry swings.

>CO2 injection       with Tom Barrs Ber2
>lights-                 151 watts   Photo period was at 14 hrs to 12 to 10
>now just changed to 9hour/day. It in a fairly dark corner.


>uv light sterilizer -   Ive tried constant running and only when change
>water....no difference

I only run mine every once in a while.  ...every few weeks for a day or so,
unless I see a problem that needs it, like green water or ich etc (hasn't
happened in over a year).

>hot magnum filter-  I was told to take charcoal out and substitute small
>gravel instead. No difference with or without charcoal
>                    could the hot magnum not be turning water over enough?

Good filter, no need for charcoal.  I find that once the tank is really
cooking, my filter is more of a mechanical filter than anything else, since
the plants seem to do most of the cleaning.

>PH-                 6.5 in a.m to 7.0 in p.m

More of a swing than I get, but you have more light than I do.  In the
future, you might a consider a pH controled solonoid to minimize that swing.

>temp-               82 deg
>kh-                 3.5 to 4.0

Ok...  My kh is a bit higher.

Out of curiosity, whats your gh?

>phoshate-           0.0
>ammonia         0.0
>Nitrite             0.0
>Nitrate             10-20ppm. With no fertilization
>FE                  unknown
>Potassium           unknown

This is probably where your problem is.  Not knowing your Fe and K makes it
read hard to dose properly, since PMDD is keyed off iron uptake, and K is
very important.  In the past, low K has caused me lots of trouble with

>As far as fertilization goes I've experimented alot.  I have always added a
>10 drops of a PMDD (CSM plus epsom salts).  Lately experimented with the
>addition of liquid Iron.  I have also played with increasing doses of
>Potassium nitrate started with 1/4 tsp every other day up to 1/2 tsp.  I
>thought things were getting better but when I did Nitrate test I was over
>60ppm so stopped. was getting good pearling (not that this means that much)
>was also adding 1/2 tsp of Potassuim sulfate once a week. Never saw any
>difference. Just to let you know I have done this in about a 6 months time.
>When I was fertilizing alot everything was growing crazy.

Make up some test solutions and check your test kits.  I've found that some
test kits I've had in the past suck.  A simple test solution will let you
know real quick.  Also, you don't want to over fertilize.  Just dose enough
to maintain your desired levels.  This means tweaking the PMDD formula to
fit your tank.  It took me about 3 months to tweak mine for my tank.

If you are not already doing so, this is what I'd try.  Don't change too
many vaiables at the same time, or you won't be able to tell what is doing
what.  Keep a log book and recod observations on plant growth, chemistry
(ph, fe, k, no2, no3 etc), algae, fish health, and and changes you make.
Double check the accuracy of your test kits with stock solutions.  Start
changing your paramers slowly, adjusting them until they reach and stay at
the desired levels.  Start by tweaking something simple, like kh, pH, and
co2 levels.  Then start modifying your dosing regime using the basic PMDD
methods.  Watch what that does to your kh/pH/CO2.  As things start to
stablize in the desired ranges, you will start to see things improve.
Realize also that getting everything "right" is an ongoing process since
everything effects everthing else.  Once you get in the groove, it will be
much easier.