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Garbage to you, school supplies to me -- Wanna sell?

As I was putting together a list of some supplies for
biology and groaning at 1) the cost, and 2) the fact
that I was about to *buy* algae, it occurred to me
that some of you might have some of the things I need.
 Most of them you are probably calling pests, or
annoyances, or more likely something worse.  Others,
while not exactly pests may be excess that you are
throwing away.

So, if you have any of the following items that you
are willing to sell for cash or a donation to the
Defense Fund, please let me know.  Any items left over
when we're done, I'll pass on to other educators.

Living organisms I need for Biology:
infusoria critters (mixed or as individual cultures)
lemna (I'm hoping to have more than one variety)
elodea (as much as I can get)
green water (looking for photosynthetic protists)

We're using (potential) planted aquarium life as our
examples in our studies and so are trying to cover as
large a range of life as is feasible.  I'm open to
suggestions for other interesting aquarium life.

Thanks in advance


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