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Dupla CO2 Set Omega

Hi everyone,
Just saw this advertised on the Dupla Ad on the inside cover of the July 2002 
FAMA, "..which is based on the principle of yeast fermentation.."  The 
product box indicates a fermentation container with an airline coming from it 
going to something I cannot quite recognize, maybe a diffusion disk.

I wonder how much this costs because it comes from Dupla?

My cost: 

Empty 2 liter Coke bottle:  free
Airline tubing                    fifty cents (?)
dab of silicone                  five cents (?)   
yeast & sugar                   two dollars (?)
airstone                            fifty cents (?)
About $3.00 total

I don't use DIY yeast CO2 injection any more, but would hate to see anyone 
pay a lot to try this method.

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