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newbie questions - trace nutrients and substrates

Hi all

I'm new to this mailing list. I have a couple of questions regarding my 
tank that I hope someone can help me with. I'm have been having a little 
bit of trouble with algae, nothing too major just some small patches of 
blue-green, a little hair algae and some fine woolly type algae which has 
gotten matted in with my riccia unfortunately. Also I have noticed that 
some of the fast growing plants such as pennywort have a veined appearance 
with the veins being darker green and the rest of the leaf being pale. Does 
this mean that my system is lacking in a nutrient? If so could you 
recommend a good product for trace nutrients and iron?
The tank is a 72 x 24 x 24, its filtered by a single external canister 
which is returned a couple of inches below the water line. CO2 is injected 
at a rate of one bubble per second and the tank is lit by 3 x 58 watt 
straight fluorescents with reflectors. Its fairly well planted but only has 
a gravel substrate with no soil/heater cables. Fish load is medium with a 
small plec, 3 ottocinclus, 10 or so congo tetra and a  12" moustache 
syndontis. Do you think its worth the trouble to strip down the tank and 
install a better substrate with heater cables, and if so what sort/depth 
would you recommend?
Any advice would be gratefully received

Andrew Squires