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Re: PMDD-When to start

Tom Wood wrote:

At this point (two days) the plants are still in shock and not using any 
nutrients. I'd wait until the plants have thrown some new leaves, maybe a 
week or so. Then -slowly- ramp up to the minimum dose needed to keep them 
going. As you add fish and fishfood, you may not have to add N. With 
Fluorite, it is my understanding that the water column Fe is not too 
relevant, especially if you have mostly root feeding plants. 

BTW, how do you know K (potassium) levels? Is there a test kit now? 


Hmmm, TASTE? <smyle> Sorry, mis-typed!  Not K=0, P=0 (Hagen).

By "keep them going", does this mean "growing"?

Would the algae necessarily thrive on the water column Fe because the plants
would not be using it?

Thanx for the response Tom.