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Re: Re: Modular plastic pots

>>How is this different from using the plastic pots liner trays sold at Home
Depot for 49 cents? They look pretty close to me. Dupla plastic pots are
some how inherently better than the "common street pots" that have been used
in North America? :-)<<

I get your point Tom, but its a little more than just pots. Its a whole
system. The foam matrix holds the trays in place and insulates them...now
perhaps someone with your ingenuity could make their own foam molds to fit
the trays, but I couldn't!  The trays also have a molded holder for the
nutrients. The trays fit together in  neat rows perfectly sized. I don't
know the actual dimensions of the trays yet, perhaps Don knows, but they
have nice depth but are still easy to hide in the substrate. I think you may
have a harder time than you think finding trays of that size at Home Depot
or Wallmart...but who knows! The "system" also includes as an option a
substrate heater made for it specifically, and a nutrient system.

I have played around with pots before, and I don't like it. They are either
to tall, or to small, and its rather difficult to hide the pots.  Its kinda
of hodgepodge, and after fooling with it I began to wonder why I was trying
to do this and not just planting the plants directly in the substrate. I had
actually thought of something like what Dupla is doing, square shaped pans
three inches or so deep...a clear plastic that wouldn't show up to easily.
Like cake pans or something, but I really couldn't find anything I liked.

I like the uniformity of this from Dupla. I like the idea that I can use
this to design an aquascape in sections, and even re-arrange the sections
after planting.  But if you find something like this at Home Depot for 49
cents, please let me know! All the containers I looked at that were even
close to being appropiate were several dollars.

Robert Paul Hudson