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Re: Please help ID

>Paul Krombholz wrote:
>My guess of M. pinnatum was based on a picture of that species in
>Kasselmann (p. 363) that looks like the ones you showed---yellowish-green
>leaves and a dark red stem.  Kasselmann says pinnatum is just as difficult
>to grow in the aquarium as tuberculatum.

>The picture you cite of M tuberculatum doesn't quite look right, either.
>The plant is sort of pinkish all over, and my tuberculatum is always
>darkest red right at the growing point.  The plant is definitely a
>Myriophyllum, however.  All the other pictures I have seen of tuberculatum
>have it a more brownish red, lightest just below the dark red growing point
>and then getting browner further down the stem.

>Aquatic plants are all the same in one respect.  There are always more
>varieties circulating around in the hobby than are recognized in the books.

Thanks again Paul,
Your description of M. pinnatum fits the plant I have.  When I went
searching I kept on getting "M. pinnatum - green foxtail" and shows a
picture of a very green plant, but the plant I have is only green on the
growing tip, otherwise it's yellowish with a dark stem.

I guess I should get a good plant book one of these days.....

Thanks again


P.S. James, you want M. pinnatum :) ?