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Re: Modular plastic pots

> I thought I would invite discussion on Duplas modular substrate design
> called Creativ. I have been keeping an eye on this product since it was
> first announced on Duplas WEB site, and since it became available in the
> USA.  I became intrigued by its potential.
> It is a way of planting and designing plants in square plastic trays or
> boxes that sit inside a mold foam matrix that sits on the bottom of the
> aquarium. Two cups in each tray hold fertilizer/nutrients that feed the
> contents of the tray.

Okay "tongue in cheek" rant:

But _these_ are DUPLA plastic pots........

How is this different from using the plastic pots liner trays sold at Home
Depot for 49 cents? They look pretty close to me. Dupla plastic pots are
some how inherently better than the "common street pots" that have been used
in North America? :-)

You can simply wait a week or so with most plants and move them after the
trim and use one big pot. Well growing plants have little trouble being
moved if you wait a little while.

 Planting in pots in a bare or semi bare tank can be done easily with plain
old plastic pots. I'm trying to figure out the reason to get something like
this and I cannot think of one to tell the truth. If someone can, please

One thing that would be cool that's similar is using clay boxes/trofts that
could/can be terraced and sloped upwards towards the back of a tank ot left
flat around the lip. These could have cork or rock/wood etc glued to the
fronts, be made in any many shapes to fit whatever design you had in mind.
Sun or oven baked clay would work, maybe Dupla clay?:-)

Tom Barr