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Re: Please help ID

>From: Steve Bansee <stevebansee at shaw_ca>

>>Paul Krombholz wrote:
>>It is definitely Myriophyllum, but I am not sure which species.
>>Perhaps it is M. pinnatum.
>Thanks Paul,
>I think I might have found it with your help. I think it might be
>Myriophyllum Tuberculatum (Red), see
>Does this sound right?
>.....<remainder deleted>......

My guess of M. pinnatum was based on a picture of that species in
Kasselmann (p. 363) that looks like the ones you showed---yellowish-green
leaves and a dark red stem.  Kasselmann says pinnatum is just as difficult
to grow in the aquarium as tuberculatum.

The picture you cite of M tuberculatum doesn't quite look right, either.
The plant is sort of pinkish all over, and my tuberculatum is always
darkest red right at the growing point.  The plant is definitely a
Myriophyllum, however.  All the other pictures I have seen of tuberculatum
have it a more brownish red, lightest just below the dark red growing point
and then getting browner further down the stem.

Aquatic plants are all the same in one respect.  There are always more
varieties circulating around in the hobby than are recognized in the books.

Paul Krombholz in dry central Mississippi with a chance of showers
returning tomorrow.