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PMDD-When to start

Well, after waiting for orders for this, orders for that, searching and
searching for chemicals, minerals, Co2 equipment, etc. I finally got things

Got 3" of Flourite on the bottom.
Got Water in the tank (has anyone ever missed this?). <smyle>
Got the Magnum 350 canister filter pumping.
Got the temp stabilized @ 78 degrees.
Got Co2 (canned) pumping (just raised the bubble count to 60 BPM with intent
to lower the PH to stabilize @ 7.0).
Got 110 watts of light for 50 gallons @ 12 hours per day.
Got a treasure trove of "easy" plants for my first shot at planted aquaria.
(don't pay for Saturday delivery OUCH!).
Looking @ water chemistry of KH=10d, PH=7.4 (and falling), No3=0, Fe=0, K=0
No algae yet!
Tank has been up for two weeks with plants and full light for two days.
No fish yet.  Will be adding MTS and Amanos in two weeks.

My question is this:

I have all I need to mix PMDD.  My Fe level (using a Hagen test kit) reads
0.  Nitrates are 0 (no surprise, NO FISH).  When should I begin dosing?  Do
I wait for the nitrate level to raise after fish are added, or start dosing
now with an adjusted concentration of KNo3?  If I am reading properly I
understand that if you keep Fe right, all others should follow.  But my Fe
is currently 0?  Is this a failing of the test kit, or is our tap water here
in beautiful Northern Indiana (read: Lake Michigan) just void of Chelated

Thank you all so much for freely sharing your talent and experience!

Michael, in Sunny Northern Indiana where right now the Pollen sticks to your