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Fusion Lighting

Well, it looks like we might be on the verge of the nearly perfect
lighting for aquaria. I have seen some posts in the past about Fusion
Lighting, but none of them gave any indication of the specs I have
found. These lighting systems sound awesome. Check out some of these

	-60,000 hr lamp lifetime
	-Output remains at 100% throughout lifetime
	-5700K color temp
	-95 lumens per watt
	-Emits little or no infrared and UV
	-Quick start (100% in 25 seconds)
	-Dimmable to 30% while maintaining spectrum

Imagine a bulb with the spectral qualities of a brand new MH bulb, but
the intensity and spectrum never declines. At 60,000 hours (that's when
the microwave unit fails, the bulb should never fail) you could run it
on an aquarium for almost 14 years before it needed replacement. At 95
lumens per watt, you could have the equivalent of 220W PC with 160W of
fusion lighting. This system is supposed to go commercial later this
year. I'll try it if I can even come close to affording it.

Anyone else have other info? I read somewhere that they were planning on
releasing a consumer version that runs at 100W (9500 lumens).

Jerry Baker