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Re: English edition of Aquarienplfanzen by Kasselmann

Dave Gomberg wrote:
> I would recommend that you wait to order till you find out how much
> the 
> various vendors are going to charge.   This will be an EXPENSIVE book
> and 
> there might be quite a bit of variation in pricing.   A word to the
> wise.....

That's absolutely right.  No pricing info has been made public by the
publisher so wholesalers/retailers aren't laying down their cards just
yet.  That's not typical with a book that is just months away from
release and that has been in release for a long time in other places.

And this isn't the sort of thing that, e.g., Amazon will have a
marketing reason to steeply discount.  Those that cater to our special
trade, such Dave are more likely to.  Not that I'm trying to pressure
you or anything, Dave.  ;-)

Scott H.

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