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Re: Lighting for a 180

In a message dated 6/15/02 2:57:41 PM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> .
> Consider using two 96 watt AH Supply CF (compact fluorescent) lamps on for
> 11 hours, and two more on for 4 hours at mid-day. Placed like this:
I have a 180 gallon planted/discus tank, and have 4x96 watt setup on for 
about 12 hours a day.  It works well for me, in fact I started out with a 
6x96 watt setup and it was too much!  BTW-Anyone interested in purchasing a 
2x96 watt AHSupply combination?  Only used for about 6 months, I will auction 
it on EBay or Aquabid if there is no interest here.  
Anyway, I do like the PC lights.  They were easy to hook up, and they grow 
things well.  My emphasis is more on the discus than the plants, so I no 
longer use CO2 or try to do a lot of intricate things with the plants.  I 
keep it pretty basic, I cannot stand to see fish suffer for the plants.  

Good Luck,


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