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RE: Lighting for a 180 gallon.

From my experience with 2- 250W MH on my 120 (2 ft shorter than your 180),
usually the leaves burn when they are in direct contact with the lamp.
Otherwise the emergent leaves will dry out unless it is humid enough to keep
them moist.

Between getting 175 or 250 - is a judgement call.  With my 250s, I have
slowly grown hairgrass underneath a tall rubin.  My glosso even grew under
the sword, the only problem is it grew tall (reaching for more light).  In
my other 120, I have 1-175 and 1-250. I have gotten glosso to grow
"properly" located adjacent to the direct light of the 250W.  My stargrass
grows like duckweed under my 175.

I use bell MH, so I also built a canopy that is supported by the wall (not
the tank).  It has three hinged doors, where the from "door" has locking
hinges - which allows me to work in the tank.

big D
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