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FW: Nichrome resistance wire

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From: Larry Bill, Pelican Wire Co., Inc. [mailto:larryb at pelicanwire_com]
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 5:19 PM
To: Steven Maier
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Subject: Re: Nichrome resistance wire

This was the response from an engineer at Pelican Wire regarding a 350 watt
substrate heater I was planning to build.
Steve Maier

Hello Steven:
        If you want 350 watts out you need a 350 watt or larger transformer.
Lets go for the 350 watt heater and see what happens.  I assume 120 volts
RMS at a wall plug is your power source.  350 watts/120 volts = 2.92 amps.
Thus the wire must carry 2.92 Amps to get the 350 watts.  If you have
to limit the current to 2.92 Amps then you need 120/2.92 = 41 ohms in the
circuit.  Thus 41 ohms/60 feet = .685 ohms/ft.
If I use 50 feet I need 0.82 ohms/ft.
        We have a lot of resistance wire in stock but this wire must be
capable of handling 3 amps and must be insulated with water proof
insulation.  I only find one insulated resistance wire that is close and
that is 20 ga. Nichrome 60 with 15 mil wall of TFE Teflon.  This is a rather
expensive insulated wire but not compared to making some small quantity of
something close.  This is in stock at $210/1000 feet or 21 cents per foot.
The wire has 0.678 ohms/ft so it is a little low and you may need to use 65
feet in the circuit to get the watts out
that you require.  Our minimum order is $100.  We accept credit cards or can
ship COD.

Thank You for your Inquiry!

PHN:941 597-8555
FAX: 941 597-9783

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From: "Steven Maier" <stevemaier at ameritech_net>
To: <larryb at pelicanwire_com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 6:38 PM
Subject: Nichrome resistance wire

> Hi larry,
> Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to the discussion of resistance.
> Let me detail my situation and perhaps you might be able to come up with a
> recommendation. First of all with regards to the cable; I do not care if
> is single strand, twisted pair or braided. My only concern about the cable
> itself is that it be waterproof and that it can be used with one lead at
> each end. Ideally the length would be between 50 and 60 ft. Ideally the
> output would be between 250 and 350 watts. If you have a cable that will
> inside these conditions and can tell me what wattage of transformer I will
> need to run it then we will be in business.
> Thank you for your time
> Steve Maier
> stevemaier at ameritech_net