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Hydrogen Peroxide

Just thought I would relate a little information about my recent experience 
with hydrogen peroxide and BGA.

I was out of town for about 2 weeks, and my heavily planted 75 gallon fish 
tank was without the regular PMDD routine for the duration. The result was 
a low level outbreak of BGA, affecting the Anacharis and the Bacopa. A 
unattractive spot algae also appeared on the leaves on my Swords and 

I re-established the nutrient levels in about a week, while removing as 
much of the slime as I could, without neglecting my wife, kids, and job. 
About two weeks later, the BGA was getting worse, affecting the surface of 
the gravel, the leaves of the Sword plants, and the rhizome of one of the 

Relying on past experience with this foul scourge, I sent my son to the 
store for peroxide (3%). I turned off the canister filter to minimize the 
circulation, and spot treated the visible infections, using about 350 mls 
total. About 5 minutes later, I turned the filter back on, checked the pH, 
and watched the fish for signs of distress. The pH didn't change 
noticeably, and I noticed nothing unusual about the fish for the next 
several hours.

Next morning, all traces of the BGA were gone. All of the fish appeared 
healthy, even the supposedly sensitive Cardinal Tetras.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Douglas Guynn
	dguynn at nwol_net

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