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RE: Glycerine in bubble counters

Nick Anderson said

> I have been using some 100% glycerine in my bubble counter for a couple of
> months now with no noticeable change in level.  The bubbles don't seem to be
> impeded by the viscosity of the glycerine and it makes the counting a little
> easier as the bubbles travel more slowly through the liquid.  I imagine that
> if you tried to water it down, the water would be lost rather quickly due to
> evaporation.  If you want a liquid that is a little less viscous that
> glycerine, you might try a mineral oil.  BTW, I added a bit of food coloring
> to my glycerine just for fun, probably not necessary though.

I have a new bubble counter as well, and it is one that I made myself
from a very tiny plastic pop bottle (about 1/2 the size of a regular one
serving bottling). I tried Tom Barr's recommendation of just using
water, and after about 4-5 months on the system, I have lost virtually
no water. I wouldn't bother with anything else as it seems to be more of
a risk of getting extra stuff in the tank.

Ed Dumas