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Modular substrate design

I thought I would invite discussion on Duplas modular substrate design
called Creativ. I have been keeping an eye on this product since it was
first announced on Duplas WEB site, and since it became available in the
USA.  I became intrigued by its potential.

It is a way of planting and designing plants in square plastic trays or
boxes that sit inside a mold foam matrix that sits on the bottom of the
aquarium. Two cups in each tray hold fertilizer/nutrients that feed the
contents of the tray.

It provides better substrate hygine by providing localized fertilization and
cleaning maintenance. It also allows you to remove the trays with relatively
low disturbance to the plants and substrate... remove them to re arrange the
substrate like a jigsaw puzzle, remove to prune plants and clean around

The trays may be planted outside of the aquarium and then installed as a
complete unit in the aquarium. This would come in handy for planting a deep
aquarium where constantly reaching into it is a chore. Someone like me could
even sell pre-planted trays ready to go.

The foam matrix insulates the trays as well as making insertion and removal
of the trays easy. Substrate heaters can be used in conjuction with this
system as well.

The dimension of the matrix is 13" wide and comes in different lengths. Its
limitation is that it can not be used in aquariums with a width of less than
13", (so 55 gallon tanks are out). The complete kit includes the foam
matrix, the tray/boxes, and Dupla's complete fertilizer system. The matrix
and boxes can also be purchased separetly. Its priced fairly reasonably. The
retail price for example of a set of two trays would be around $9

You can see a picture of it on Dupla's site here:

I will be offering this system in a matter of days for anyone that is
interested. It's not up on my WEB site yet. To me it offers much potential
for both overall health of plants, and for aquascaping technique. I'd be
interested in hearing comments from others on this.

Robert Paul Hudson