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RE: Glycerine in bubble counters

"There was a mention a few weeks ago that Glycerine could be used as bubble
counter fluid.
Can anyone enlighten me if it can be used concentrated or it needs dilution
and if so what percentage with water."

I have been using some 100% glycerine in my bubble counter for a couple of
months now with no noticeable change in level.  The bubbles don't seem to be
impeded by the viscosity of the glycerine and it makes the counting a little
easier as the bubbles travel more slowly through the liquid.  I imagine that
if you tried to water it down, the water would be lost rather quickly due to
evaporation.  If you want a liquid that is a little less viscous that
glycerine, you might try a mineral oil.  BTW, I added a bit of food coloring
to my glycerine just for fun, probably not necessary though.

Nick Anderson