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Re: Seachem Fluorish Excel

David (A. Youngker)

> I was thinking more along the lines of similarities between sugars,
> alcohols
> and aldehydes. Hmmm...tannin, though - a little works fine as a
> chelator, a
> lot becomes bactericide...

I was sort of kidding when I said I beginning to see a connection.  I
didn't understand it much at all, except to suspect that the Excel
molecule probalby broke up into things the plants (some or all plants?)
use in photosynthesis.  Not much of a guess on my part -- that's
essentially the sales pitch, I think.  So the additional info you
posted is even more useful, because it helps paint a fuller picture. 
And I think it is very important not to use too much -- not jsut to
avoid clouding, but because that clouding might be the result of
crashing your biofilter.  hmmmmm

Anybody else care to grab a brush fill in the lacunae?

Thanks, David.

Scott H.

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