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Re: Subject: Rotala Macrandra

Steven Maier said:
"Alas; the Rotala Macrandra is the only thing in the tank
that looks like its going the other way. Some particulars for anyone that
might have a suggestion."

Jeff says:
"My recent experiences from regularly killing R. Macrandra to keeping it
alive and sometimes thriving was the amount of traces (or lack there of) I
was (or actually, wasn't) adding. I started (Thanks to Mr. Dixon) to
increase to 10ml of TMG 2x a week in my 55G, plus daily additions of 2 ml
via automatic feeder.

Also, keeping the nitrate below 10 but above zero keeps it (and a lot of
other things) red, and a few micro-pebbles of PO4 1-2 times a week helps as
well (I notice that Nitrate uptake stalls during the mid-week, and then will
accelerate when I add PO4). I also use LOTS of CO2.


- Jeff