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Cichlids and CO2

So is anyone injecting CO2 into their cichlid tanks?

I was considering this also, but instead opted for Excel (and ~2wpg,
plants are doing great), I'm trying to keep the ph around 8.  I'd
be curious to hear if anyone else is actually doing this, and how
it's working.


On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 06:41:07PM -0400, Wayne Jones wrote:
> Paul wrote:
> Right.  The misunderstanding
> above is unfortunately very common, and is to be found in textbooks.
> - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> You must almost feel like giving up on this one. Every rift lake cichlid
> keeper believes that you cannot get CO2 to disolve in hard water. One of
> the best known internet sites devoted to Rift lake Cichlids even has a
> chemical formula that indicates that the solubility of CO2 decreases
> when water contains high levels of carbonate and therefore you cannot
> disolve CO2 in high carbonate water. If this were true the oceans would
> be in big trouble I think.
> There are other reasons why this is widely believed. I think Rift Lake
> Cichlid tanks are often filled with calcite rocks or coral. When you
> inject CO2 the calcite disolves and raises the KH. It makes it look like
> the CO2 didn't disolve. Another reason is that a lot of pH test kits
> don't work well over the range required to actually see the pH drop.