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Re: Ball valves

John Wheeler  wrote:

> I was at my friendly neighborhood compressed gas
> dealer, and we got to talkin shop a little. I'm
> currently on the market for a needle valve manifold,
> and he showed me something neat.
> He described it as a "ball valve" and said that it
> should give a *little* better control than a needle
> valve.

I am not sure about the ball valve but you can order what you need
from Clippard (www.clippard.com).

I used the following parts:

MNV-4K2 needle valve(s)        $10.10 per valve
MRM-6 six port manifold        $6.90
11755-NP-PKG package of 10 plugs for unused manifold ports
Shipping & handling (for me)        <$15.00

They also sell other manifolds with 2, 3, or12 ports. Searching the
archive for Clippard will get you the posts that I used for what to
order. The needle valve seems to have good control but I don't know
about long term stability since I haven't had it that long. You may
need an adapter for the 1/8 NPT of the manifold.  I needed a 1/4 to
1/8 bushing for my CO2 regulator (Cornelius). Some joint compound
would also be a good idea. Both of these items can be obtained from
Lowe's or Home Depot.

Feel free to contact me off list. Since we are nearby, I can give you
the Clippard catalog if you want it.

Tony Kostichka