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Ball valves

Hey gang,

I was at my friendly neighborhood compressed gas
dealer, and we got to talkin shop a little. I'm
currently on the market for a needle valve manifold,
and he showed me something neat.

He described it as a "ball valve" and said that it
should give a *little* better control than a needle
valve. It is a brass "Y" with 2 control knobs. They
would be very easy to link together to get as many
outlets as I wanted, and the price would blow away
anything I've found for sale from aquarium
retail/e-tailers. Plus, I like the brass fittings
instead of the nylon that I've been using.

Has anyone ever used these or heard of it? I'm trying
to find a reason to not get it;) I'm not very
comfortable doing this stuff DIY.

John Wheeler  

p.s...Any word on M3?

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