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Hey gang,

Wayne Jones wrote in part:
>>As far as watts per surface area is concerned, what
you are saying is that a a tank with a 4 square foot
footprint requires the same amount of light if it is
6" deep or if it is 20" deep. The fact is a 6" deep
tank that can grow Glosso with not be able to grow
Glosso in a 20" deep tank.<<

NOPE! I never wrote anything like that. What I said
was that coverage is more important than watts per
gallon. So, if you have 2 tanks of 40 gallons, let's
say. One standard 40 gallon that is 12" deep, and one
that is 18" deep (breeder), the breeder will require
more light to cover all the area. In fact, that same
breeder will need more light than a standard 55 gallon
with regard to the number and of tubes and reflectors
(not wattage) to achieve the same results....Both
esthetically and functionally.

We don't have 4 sq foot tanks with 6" heights or
anything else so ridiculous, except maybe hex
tanks....the small ones are ridiculous to try and
light properly. So, I won't consider your argument.

Of course depth matters. Watt/gallon doesn't take that
into account either.

Happy lighting,
John Wheeler

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