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Re: Tank too hot follow up

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 > Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 03:29:12 -0400 From: "Ghazanfar Ghori"
<ghori at ghori_net>
 > Subject: Re: Tank too hot follow up
snip...[Results of successful evap. cooling by lowering water level.]
 > 	Please let the geo-thermal discussions continue. BTW - how about
 > something like a car radiator?

I rejected the idea of copper tubing, as the tank or reservoir pH may
not always want to be high enough to prevent copper poisoning. The same
would be true for most older radiators with the added problem of lead
poisoning from the solder.

Aluminum tubing, or a modern radiator made of aluminum has
possibilities. The radiator design is very poor for dirt contact, though
(fine for flowing air). The best layout suggested to me was the long
trench with a flat meander line layout to avoid too much local heating
of dirt next to any part of the pipe. That is, the notion that the dirt
is cold is *because* it is a fairly poor thermal conductor, so good 
separation of the coils is very important. Lotta dirt -- little pipe.


PS. This is all easier to contemplate at 5AM in an air-conditioned
house. No way I was going to dig in daylight, yesterday. Wait until I
can afford a trench digger to do it for me, I guess.

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