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Re: Tank too hot follow up

	Uh, not that I don't find the past few threads interesting
	or anything but I thought I might as well let you guys know
	of the results of bringing down the water level in my tank.
	The tank temp yesterday when I got home was 76F. Didn't even
	raise the lights yet, only reduced the water level by 1/2 or 1".
	Usually I fill the water to about 1/2" or so above the trim line.
	Now its just barly past the trim and its made a huge difference.
	I'll keep an eye on the temp for the next few day just to make sure
	it wasn't all in my mind or anything.

	Please let the geo-thermal discussions continue. BTW - how about
	something like a car radiator?

	Ghazanfar Ghori