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Re: Tank too hot

Tom Wood said, in part:

> But even then, placing the chiller
> outside still contributes to global warming, so the problem is just
> removed
> once again to the larger cooling system of the earth's environment.

Unless the inside of his house is not on the earth, the effect on
global warming of is essentially unchanged by whether the heat is
hurried out his house or not.  It will escape from the house eventually
no matter what -- after all, it's the law -- thermodynamically
speaking. ;-)

If that part of CA isn't a place to have chillers (geothermal-electric;
compress/expanded-gas electric, or whatever) and air conditioners, and
other such measures, then no place is.

missing those cool Berkely spring days, where the motto was (is) "Let
there be light and a cool breeze,"
Scott H.

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