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Re: cooling

> I'd love it if someone can shoot holes in this idea *before* I dig a big
> hole in the yard in this Modesto heat. :-) [Predicted to hit 100, today,
> but so far only 95F.]
> Wright

I think it's a good idea. I think you'll find a max cooling layer at about
20ft or so. Deeper is better but then you have to pump it through more

If it were me, I'd use PVC, less prone to leaks/cracks breaks etc than wimpy
irrigation line. If you ran and few long runs or straight pipe lengths, that
should be enough. I think your idea is good for individual tanks
though(using the irrigation line)....

If you toss coils in a small deep hole, the coils will heat the area around
the hole easily. If you dig long runs, this will not happen as much. I'd use
larger pipe like 1/2-3/4 inch and run the water through slow. Trenches vs

The other solution is to get an air conditioner, you live there too:-) Or a
swamp cooler. 

You could use this idea scaled up using air to cool your home also. That
would be a decent and efficient idea. Rent a trencher, make a grid series of
deep cuts and use 100ft of 4inch pipe + a squirrel cage fan
etc............or live in a sod/adobe/semi underground house:)

Tom Barr