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Re: PMDD Dosing

"1) Does the "1 ml water solution"-calculator-trick really yield the right

I asked Chuck the same question, here is his response:

'I've never tried it that way, but it appears it works.   If I plug in some
test numbers for Nitrate in KNO3, in a 50g tank, 1 Tablespoon in 500ml
of water, each ml added to the tank adds 0.04ppm.   If I were to
dump the entire 500ml bottle in, that would be 0.04 x 500, which gives
me 20ppm.    And if I use your method of plugging in 1ml, I get 18.84,
which is the same when you factor in rounding losses...'

2) Do I dose for 150 litres or 300 litres in my 300 litres-tank after the
Tom Barr-50%-weekly-waterchange-reset-method?

I don't think it matters that much. The reset is needed mostly if you are
overdosing. Try it both ways and see what happens. I dose daily and change
20% per week, so there isn't much variation. Love my Rondomatic...