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Re: Plant response delay after nutrient increase

Neal wrote:
> I have a 54 gallon corner tank that I set up about 2 months 
> ago with AHSupply lights (2x36 watts and 2x13 watts) and CO2 
> injection into my Magnum 350 canister. I think I now have my 
> CO2 and lights in balance as I have little new algae and 
> decent plant growth. I'm not as positive about NPK or trace 
> levels. New leaves show pronounced veins and yellowing. No 
> holes or other damage, just not vibrant colours. I'm using 
> PMDD and I increased my daily dosage by 25%, with no visible 
> changes in 2 weeks. Is this long enough to see a change in the 
> growth of new leaves? Could I increase the PMDD dosage again 
> at this point? 
> TIA, 
> Neal 

There are other things that could be causing yellowing aside from a lack
of iron. I believe magnesium deficieny is one of them. Have a look at

To answer your question, yes I think a couple of weeks is plenty of time
to see a reaction. If you are adding a nutrient that is deficient and
immobile (only new leaves will be symptom free), then any leaves that
start after the change should show the improvement.

Jerry Baker