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Re: PMDD Dosing

Before I learnt this "1-ml-water-solution-trick" with the Chuck-calculator I
overdosed K2SO4, KNO3 and MgSO4.

Nice thread algaea the result was Yoda says.

(For those interested I put 2 tbsp of K2SO4, 2 tbsp of MgSo4 and 1 tbsp KNO3
in a 300 l tank after every 25% waterchange (it's okay to laugh ;). Now I do
the 50%-reset-ala-Tom-Barr with proper amounts with the help of the
calculator and the thread algaea is no more.)

My questions:

1) Does the "1 ml water solution"-calculator-trick really yield the right
2) Do I dose for 150 litres or 300 litres in my 300 litres-tank after the
Tom Barr-50%-weekly-waterchange-reset-method?

Tom Wood (http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200202/msg00900.html)

>I gave up trying to dose this as a liquid. But if you insist, go to:
>and calculate dosing. I found that the PMDD dosing regimen underdosed K in
>comparison to Chuck's calculator. I enter"1" as the number of ml of water
>for the solution, and dose the dry compounds.