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Re: naughty devices

You might want to try a line conditioner for your computer.  They can be a
bit pricey (at least $50 for a 600 watt model), but are well worth it.  This
won't fix the source of your problem, of course, but by plugging your
computer into a line conditioner you'll get clean electricity into your
machine.  Power strips generally aren't very good at cleaning up the
electricity coming out of them, regardless of what they claim.  They are
certainly good for giving you lots of outlets and for providing a fuse,
which is always nice.  But they don't really do much else.  A line
conditioner will provide clean, stable electricity for your computer or
whatever else you plug into it.  They will also correct for voltage sags and
spikes, keeping the output at a constant 120 volts.  (But only to an
extent... they won't be able to compensate for a black-out, of course.  I
believe mine compensates for voltage variations of 85-135 volts.)

Even if a line conditioner doesn't solve this strange modem noise problem
you're experiencing, you can't go wrong with using one.  I never plug any of
my computers straight into the wall, or only a power strip.  I always use a
decent UPS, line conditioner, or both!  Keeps all my expensive hardware
healthy.  :)