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Re: leaf area changes

> Neat stuff.  I wonder if, after a point, the sword changes to
> increasing leaf size.
> Scott H.

Initially for 3 weeks, no, at least at this water depth. I'm letting the
plant continue growing and will see.

> When you say that leaf area increased, do you mean that it increased relative
> to the leaf area prior to the test, or did it increase relative to a control
> population that remained emergent?

Relative to the control. Emergent Control did not vary through time(3weeks).
I used emergent plants to start with and submerged them. The reverse,
emergence with lowering of the water levels, was not done.
> With leaf area, are you measuring the area of a single leaf, the total leaf
> area on the plant, or leaf area per plant dry weight?  Maybe something else?

Single leaf area averages. Leaf area of a cohort of 5 leaves, from 5 plants
for each species. The leaves are simply traced on graph and the squares are
then counted up to give area.

 Total leaf area per plant would have greater variation due to different
numbers of leaves but it could easily be scaled up to the whole plant and

Just a little fun project:)
Tom Barr
> Roger Miller