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Re: Carpeting algae -- BGA -- Erythromycin

>Anyway, doesn't it actually favor gram-positive bactieria?  As I recall,
>BGA doesn't show positive for the Gram stain but is one of the gram-negs
>that is susceptible to the eryth-.

It favors gram-pos, but is also effective against many gram-neg.  Its
considered medium spectrum effective because of this.

>But this is mostly word of mouth, not much data behind exposure
>frequency, life-cycles, devlolpment of resistance.

That's why I qualified the statement.  Knowing the risk exists is still
a good thing.  Its not common, but it can happen.  Witness the resistant
TB that is sweeping through prison systems...  Or the problems England
is having with resistant strains of bacteria that have forces
postponement of operations while they try to get it under control.

>>  Correcting the root cause is the only real cure,
>Hmmm, I don't hink you can cure something that's always around.  You
>cna beat the bugger back into the bushes, so to speak, but that's about

Sorry I wasn't clear.  The problem being uncontrolled nature of the
infection, the cure being control.  I don't think one can have a fish
tank with no BGA for very long, since the strain of bacteria are just
about everywhere.  In general, having it isn't a problem.  It becomes a
problem when there is an imbalance of nutrients that prevent other higher
order plants from effectively out-competing, giving the bacteria an unfair
advantage and allowing them to take over.  It gets worse, since it blankets
the plants leaves and blocks light, further reducing the plants ability to
compete.  I've generally read that its a lack of nutrients (nitrates and/or
potassium), and an over supply of phosphates.  When I corrected my tanks
problem, I had a definite abundance of phosphates, and 0ppm of nitrogen
and potassium.  This before I started mixing my own fertilizer and was
relying on store bottles that are far from complete.  Careful dosing of
potassium nitrate and water changes corrected the imbalance, and the BGA
slowly disappeared.

>Right now, personally, I prefer the non-meds method.

I can agree with that.  I'm too cheap.  :)