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Tank too hot

	I need to figure out a good (cheap/aesthetically pleasing/efficient) way
	of cooling my tank down. Mt tank temperature stays way above what I want
	it at. The heater is set to 72F, but that doesnt matter. Tank temp reaches
	82-84F during the day. This morning before the lights came on the tank temp
	75F. Room temperature is 72-76F.
	Its probably because of the lights 80Watts Fluorescent + 110Watts CF.
	Any ideas on how to bring down the temp in my tank? Ideas I have so far

	1) Raise the lights up a little to give an air gap between canopy & lights
	and lower the water level in the tank 1".

	2) Install a 4" fan (24.99 from drsfostersmith.com) on the side of the CF.

	Ghazanfar Ghori