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Re:Getting rid of BGA

>>As usual, the simplest solution is often the best.  Get an old toothbrush
and wind as much bga as possible into the bristles.  Toss the bga away and
repeat.   When you have had enough for the day, quit (5-10 minutes is about
the right amount of time to spend).  Come back the next day and
repeat.   If you spend 10 minutes per day on this drill, you should be done
in 3-4 days.  Just don't slack on the work.  Fixes it for me every time.  I
believe the reason it works is that the bga require a nutrient that becomes
exhausted with careful extermination of the existing biota.   Just my $.02
worth.  This also works for other algaes, like hair and staghorn.  Keep
after them.<<

This is my last word on the subject, I promise! :) I can maybe see doing
this only if you catch it real early...and I mean real early when its just
in a few spots, but when it gets to the point of absolutely covering the
entire contents of your aquarium, forget it! 10 minutes? How about hours?
Days! When most people get this for the first time, they have no idea what
it is, and by the time they figure it out, it is a PLAGUE....real nasty,
thick, gooey, and everywhere.

Robert Paul Hudson