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Re: hybrid fish

Elizabeth Naime said, in part:

> Is there any room for a middle ground, between promoting hybrids like
> the
> flower horn on the one hand and calling for the destruction of
> accidental
> hybrids on the other?

Accidental hybridization or not, it's awfully difficult to predict what
will happen if hybrids are released into the environment.  Good or bad
things could happen, or some of both. . .unless you think that the
potential for change is bad, in and of itself.

And there are probably too many folks in the hobby to expect that some
won't release some specimens now and then. And breeding is certainly a
big part the tropical fishkeeping hobby.  So hybrids are quite likely
to occur and to be released. 

As if the taxonomy wasn't dynamic enough without the hybrids!

Scott H.

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