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Re: hybrid fish

Scott H. asked and interesting question:

> Is anyone hybridizing for behavior, health, other things besides
> visuals?

Intentionally, I dunno and would be interested to learn if anyone is. This
"flower horn fish" is reported at least on some sites to be a very
personable fish; certainly it seems to be being used as a selling point,
but was that intentional or accidental?

Unintentionally, as we have been moving goldfish and small koi into their
new pond quarters I expect we will be nasty ol' hybridizers as they
produce goldfish-koi hybrids. What I've read about goldfish-koi crosses is
that they are very, very, very hardy. So while I'm not planning on setting
anyone up I look forward to their inevitable arrival in the Massed Carp
pond. If I crossed them intentionally I guess I'd be breeding for health!

Is there any room for a middle ground, between promoting hybrids like the
flower horn on the one hand and calling for the destruction of accidental
hybrids on the other?