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GW over?

I rented a Magnum Diatom filter for my 29-gallon tank. My local LFS told me
to hold a handful of diatom powder up to the intake until it all gets sucked
up. It started to clear up after three hours, but for the next 24 it didn't
improve. I called them and they said to bring it in so they could recharge
it. I assumed all they meant was that they would clean it. They gave it back
to me and I ran it one more time and the water cleared more then stopped
improving. This time I cleaned the filter in my sink and used the rest of
the diatom powder I had. Water is real clear now.

water parameter are;

June 2, 2002 pm
Tank water
GH		9
KH		7
Co2		21mg/L
NH3/NH4	0mg/L
Ph		7.0
NO3		0
NO2-		<.3mg/L
Fe		0mg/L
76 degrees F (just turned it up)

I'm almost out of Sera Florena and don't want to buy another little bottle
at $14.00 ea! So I'm going to try the PMDD route. I'm hoping that enough
algae has been removed that it will not come back.

Should I just start dosing fertilizer for the plants and get the co2
adjusted right for good growth? I take it that is the approach to take in
order to out compete the algae and keep it from multiplying? Should I do Fe
water tests twice a day or so to make sure I don't have too much iron and
trace OR too little? I really don't want the GW to come back. I have a
trickle filter (no charcoal) and a Fluval 303 (no charcoal) running on the
tank. Fish load is low and lighting is a bit over 2w/gallon. Should I cut
lighting down for a while or should I just stomp on the accelerator and get
that sports car moving in all directions?

Travis Kinney 
Riding the median to avoid the GW swamp on either side.