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Re: smelly-green-carpet like algea

>>The algea  looks like a dark green carpet and covers everything from
glass to sand. When you touch it and bring it out of the water it has a
strong smell. Nothing appeares to eat on them (shrimps, catfish...). My
guess from its smell is that it might be  toxic if swallowed (but maybe
not).The algea is even growing in the filter !<<

Thats easy. Blue-Green algae. Not a true algae...an anti-biotic kills it.
And while I am POSITIVE you will get very long detailed arguements about
going thru a long drawn out process to "treat the source of the problem" if
you simply treat it with Maracyn it will be gone in a week, and if you do it
right it will never come back for a long time. There is detailed discussions
on the KRIB for a one week treatment.

Robert Paul Hudson