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Amano Shrimp and Chloride

I have made two attempts in the past to introduce Caridina japonica into my
30-g. tank. On both occasions, all the shrimp had died within one week. I
would like to try adding them one more time. I was recently searching the
APD and there came up one possible explanation for dying shrimp, which was
high chloride levels. That was in a thread dated December, 2001. I was
wondering, did anyone ever experiment and learn for sure if a high chloride
concentration is linked to shrimp deaths? Also, does anyone dose a lot of
KCl (more than 20 ppm K+) and have no problems keeping Amano shrimp? I do
dose a lot of KCl, and maybe if I switch to K2SO4 I would be able to keep
Amano shrimp. I also bought a bottle of Seachem Reef Iodide to see if that
helps the shrimp to survive. But now that I've read that discussion, I have
concerns about the chloride.
Alex R